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Digital Marketing

It is no secret that online marketing and advertising is growing exponentially while print is in a sharp decline. The real estate industry have been leaders in the digital push placing their listings online through agency websites and real estate portals but it is now time to embrace digital marketing completely with targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Aperture22 has teamed with Spinoff Digital to provide a cost-effective suite of services combining Aperture22 photography with digital marketing strategies.

Individual Property Campaigns

Aim your latest listing at the correct target buyer audience using Facebook boosting the listing to buyers in a selected location, age group, nominated interests and more using photos and slideshows created by Aperture22.

  • Estimated audience reach 3,000 to 10,000
  • Campaign duration 1 to 15 days.

Ongoing Digital marketing campaigns to promote your:

We offer cost effective packages aimed at promoting:

  • Real Estate Agency OR
  • run a campaign for property management OR
  • promote an individual agent.

Our packages are not only a fee for service but also include an allowance to spend on digital advertising.

For process and full details give us a call today.